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About Kashell Creations

Thank you for visiting. Hi, my name is Michelle. I started crafting 17 years ago when my daughter was born. Started small with personal scrapbooks and then gradually started doing them for family and friends as a hobby. When Cricut launched, I was in awe and couldn’t wait to explore all the possibilities of expanding my craft. After experimenting and making a few shirts for family and friends, I decided to branch out and share my love of crafting with others – YOU!

My sister, Stacey, has her own talents as well - jewelry designer. She’s been creating and critiquing her craft over the last 15 years. She started out making designs for herself and got so many compliments on her designs that she stared making them for others. While in college, she put her love of designing jewelry on hold for a bit to focus on her career. Since graduation, she dove back into creating more jewelry designs to share with all of you. Kashell Creations is a place you can find her designs for sale.